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Leonard Brozo

Leonard Brozo

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06/18/14 01:19 PM #1    

Patricia Luck (Wagner)

I am so glad I had a chance to have a nice, long chat with Leonard at our 'HHS Class of '65 turns 65" BD party.  He was suffering from lack of oxygen but, in his usual proud persona, was hiding his oxygen tank under the table.  I was amazed that he was so motivated to make it to our 65th BD party that he drove himself to ABQ from Lubbock.  His wife was unable to come.

Leonard seemed very pleased and satisfied with his life, especially his family.  I hope each of us will feel the same when we pass on.

Pat Luck Wagner

06/18/14 03:54 PM #2    

Charlie Lujan

Leonard,Charlie Lujan here. I'm so glad that my wife Carla and I went to visit you, Sharon and your wonderful family.Leonard you were still as handsome as ever.Every time I see Tom Cruz I think of you.I want to thank you for being my buddy in school and all these years.Leonard, I'm not going to say by cuz I'll see you in HEAVEN.

06/19/14 12:14 PM #3    

David Roberts

I knew Leonard since the second grade at Bandelier.  The reason I remember this, is we had a fight after school in the alley between Amherst and Wellsley.  Can't even remember what the fight was about, but I can tell you that Leonard won.  As Pat said, it was great to visit with him at the reunion and considering his condition, it was amazing that he would travel from such a distance to attend.  Unless some other classmate comes out of the woodwork with a similar story, I take pride in the fact that, "I fought The Leonard, and The Leonard won."

06/19/14 01:56 PM #4    

David Arken

Leonard's passing before his time is very sad and a regrettable reminder to stay focused on what matters, the important people in our lives and creating meaningful and precious memories with the people we care about. From what I hear other people saying about him and the fondness he is spoken of by our mutual friends (for many years not just now) he will be very much missed.

Leonard and I were never friends, acquaintances yes, however I admired him from our earliest encounters (junior high?) because it seemed to me he was person of his own choosing and mind. He made his own way and what others did, did not seem to motivate him to act in concert with them. He had his own compass and followed it, something to be admired.

At the various reunions he and I always talked a bit and the love he has for his family was always so apparent. I'm sorry for his family's loss and the memories he will miss.



06/20/14 09:12 AM #5    

Frank Bluestein (M. )

I was deeply saddened with the news of Leonard passing.  From when I can remember in grade school Leonard lived behind us on Santa Clara and I had both fond and scary moments when I reflect back on the days growing up.  I agree with David, Leonard definately beat to a different drummer and his persona and memories will be sadly missed.  We will all miss Leonard and the others who have passed to early but will always have the memories that bring a smile to your face.

Frank Bluestein

06/21/14 04:48 PM #6    

Linda Peterson (Chapman)

Dear Leonard, we go back many years. I remember Jr. High, you, Rodger, Gordy and Buddy, Skeeter was in the group too. You all would ride your scooters over to my house and we would just hang out. Lots of fond memories. Your dear wife Sharen and all of those wonderful children and grandchildren, what a legacy you have left. Thank you for your friendship over all of these years. We have had many conversations and I will miss talking to you. I know you are at peace. Linda Chapman

06/22/14 03:50 PM #7    

Donna Sapir (Kaplan)

I, too, am saddened by the news about Leonard. He was a part of my history, as is the rest of our high school class. When you lose someone that you knew at such a young age, you lose a part of your history, and that is how I feel hearing this sad news.

When I moved to Linda Vista Drive at age 4, he and his sister Evelyn, were my first friends before going to Bandelier. We lost touch but I do have a lot of fond memories surrounding those years. At the last reunion I attended, he sought me out to apologize for an incident that happened on our block, that I had long ago forgiven,  but he hadn't forgotten, and I really appreciated that moment between us. I am only sorry that I wasn't able to see him at the last reunion, since that earlier conversation ended up to be the last one we would both have with each other. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Donna Sapir Kaplan




10/03/14 11:54 PM #8    

Charlie Lujan

Leonard,Charlie Lujan here.Yes I just saw a movie with Tom Cruz in it.Man I sure miss you guys.I drive by the park where we used to play football or what ever and I think of you guys.I'm always looking up at heaven and talk to guys.Leonard,I'll be seeing you guys again so that means I'll have to good.

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