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Bonnie Brito (Saal)

Bonnie Brito (Saal)

From Lorell Dunlap:

It is with sadness that I announce the loss of my dear friend Bonnie Brito Saal......she had a 6 mo. brave fight, and I was blessed to have been with her one week end of Oct. to help with her 5th chemo treatment.....she was a trooper and she voted that week, and wanted to see St. Vincent movie...we were planning our class reunion with photos from the 1964 GAA photo album for the reunion.....I will truly miss my friend Bonnie..


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01/25/15 12:53 AM #5    

Blaine Tyler (L. )

Bonnie and I were in 1st grade together.  Three months into the school year I developed Rheumatic Fever and was out until the 1st week of 3rd grade.  When it became apparent that I wasn't coming back all the kids signed a card for me and Bonnie was the one who delivered it to my door.  Seems small but I remembered that through the years..small things to some are much bigger to others.  We weren't in any other classes together but she was a name I remembered and when I finally came back home to Albuquerque in 2012 I sat down with her and told her how much it had meant.  We began a correspondence and she told me that that conversation was relayed to her class at La Cueva.  No kindness is ever small.  Bonnie had kindness written all over her character.  She told me she had taught at Highland for 17 years and one day she walked into the teachers lounge and one of the teachers said, "You're practically an icon here."  She put in for a transfer the next day.  I understood why .  What a dear heart!.


01/25/15 10:32 AM #6    

Kay Anderson (Maize)

I'm very saddened at our loss of Bonnie. She was one of my first friends in Albuquerque when I began Zia Elementary in 2nd grade, and I have such nice memories of our school years together. She was kind and welcoming then, and those traits were a part of her throughout the years.  It was always a pleasure to see her at our HHS Reunions and when our professional paths crossed at APS.   


01/25/15 11:17 AM #7    

Judith Targhetta (King)

Bonnie was such a sweet friend.  She was always willing to share and have a good time.  May she rest in peace.

01/25/15 12:49 PM #8    

Doug Wright

Nothing but fond memories of Bonnie at hhs and her brief stay at enmu. God bless.

01/25/15 04:41 PM #9    

Elaine Polanco (Brandner)

So sad to hear of Bonnie's passing. I remember her as far back as grade school. We both loved to play sports.  She was so sweet and a really great athlete. Condolences to her family.

01/26/15 11:24 AM #10    

Barbara Boyd (Hilton)

I am so sad to hear of Bonnie's passing. She was such a sweet and genuine friend in high school  For whatever reason we lost contact after high school    One day last year  my daughter was in Starbucks and Bonnie walked up to her and said" I think we went to high school together".  My daughter, Julie, said, "you must have gone to high school with my mom".   Julie gave Bonnie my email and Bonnie gave Julie her email and Bonnie and I began emailing each other.  We had planned on meeting for coffee and never did.  A sad reminder to me to not putoff getting together with someone from your past (or anyone else) because we never know what is going to happen.  I am so glad we were at least in contact by email.  God Bless you Bonnie and Rest in Peace.


01/26/15 12:18 PM #11    

Lee Hayes (E. )

I knew Bonnie at Jefferson Jr. Hi. and in HHS.....she was always nice....friendly...cordial human being . It was a
pleasure to to have known her.

God Bless her and her she was a special person !!

Lee Hayes

01/30/15 01:29 AM #12    

Jim Alden

So sorry to hear about the death of Bonnie; she was a wonderful person and marvelous athlete. I was saddened to read about her long CA battle.  Happy trails, Bonnie.

01/31/15 11:57 AM #13    

Charlie Lujan

I'm very saddened at the loss of Bonnie. I had spoken to her in Nov.  She always had a smile on her face.  One thing about her, she was a good athlete. Charlie

01/31/15 03:51 PM #14    

Bob Dobell

I first met Bonnie in the seventh grade at Jefferson and shared many classes with her. On to Highland and

then to Eastern New Mexico University and as a little sister in our Fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. She

was a wonderful friend. She came up for a visit in Montana last spring and we had a wonderful time

together. She was a dear friend and I will miss our weekly phone and face time together. God Bless

her on her new journey.

Bob DoBell.

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